Tivi Pricing

Each subdomain is associated with a Channel Guide that addresses a distinct audience. If you need one subdomain for internal training and another for customers then you will want a Tivi Prime subscription. On the other hand, if you have only one audience for yourTivi-based webcasts, choose Tivi Select. Contact us about White Labeling options.

  • Tivi Prime
  • 5 yearly subdomain subscriptions
  • 7,200 bundled viewer hours
  • $18,000
  • Tivi Select
  • 1 yearly subdomain subscription
  • 2,400 bundled viewer hours
  • $6,000/yr

Viewer hour packages

Viewer Hoursrate
1,000$540 (10% discount)
5,0002,550 (15% discount)
10,000$4,800 (20% discount)

Example: Assume you do 24 webcasts for 200 people and the length is 30 minutes, your bundled viewer hours total 2400 which means your total cost for the year would be $6,000. No extra hours would be needed. No hardware cost (just camera’s connected to a laptop to Tivi in the Cloud).
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