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Marketers, corporate training departments and human resource teams can create outstanding video experiences using Tivi’s simple drag and drop Virtual Studio™. Tivi enables studio quality presentations without the traditional production complexity and expense. The patent-pending Easy Virtual Studio™ makes it possible to seamlessly integrate live and/or pre-recorded content. Tivi includes Interactivity with Q&As, FAQs, real-time polls, downloadable content, live web pages, as well as advertising that drives a call-to-action in both Live and on-demand modes.

Full switchboard in the cloud

The Easy Virtual StudioTM eliminates the need for costly, complicated video editing software. If you can use a laptop you can use Tivi's Easy Virtual StudioTM. Because Tivi is cloud based there are no downloads or hardware requirements to edit video. Let Amazon AWS do the heavy lifting and let producers spend less time fighting with software and more time producing content. On top of this because of its ease of use, anyone can be a webcast producer.

100% cloud-base using Amazon AWS

Built on AWS, Tivi’s cloud-based architecture eliminates the need for software downloads, expensive hosting and production equipment. Tivi’s Easy Virtual StudioTM makes it simple to deliver compelling live, interactive experiences and breathes new life into prerecorded video, previously used slides and other existing assets. Take the load off your hardware's shoulders and put it on ours. Being built on AWS makes failure almost non-existent.

No expensive hardware needed

No longer will organizations have to rely on expensive equipment stream video. With Tivi's Easy Virtual Studio would-be producers can now assemble and stream studio quality video at a fraction of the cost. Create as many video streams as you would like. With Tivi there's no limit!

Broadcast from anywhere with an internet connection

With the Easy Virtual StudioTM all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. It doesn't matter where you are. If you are in your office, on your couch, or across the country, Tivi is ready when you are.

Dual screen live video

Studies show that viewers are more engaged when a presenter can be seen in conjunction with a presentation. Tivi's dual screen synchronized technology allows for the perfect blend of knowledge and information sharing. Say good-bye to straight slides with a voice over. Now you can have both you presenter with their slides, just as if you were at the event. With Tivi you no longer have to choose.

Set-up and broadcast in minutes

Log into Tivi, create a new webcast, start your video streams and go! Build your interactive elements, upload your assets and you'll have an engaging webcast in minutes. It doesn't matter whether you’re starting from scratch or using an existing webcast to build a series of related webcasts. Tivi enables you to publish audience-ready productions in time it takes a traditional video crew to start setting up.

Automatically scale for any sized event

Tivi enables anyone to deliver rich, engaging, interactive online events, meetings, streaming video and training experiences, both live and on-demand, to audiences of virtually unlimited size. From 2 to 20,000, as long as the viewers are there, they can view your webcasts.

All camera feeds record in the cloud

With Tivi you will be able to capture 100% of each camera feed. Cameras connect to Tivi's cloud based servers so you are recording all streams and can make changes later. Then after recording the live event you can go back into Tivi's Easy Virtual Studio editor to change camera's, change timing and add new content for on-demand.

The Easy Virtual StudioTM enables seamless switching of cameras and video

Live or pre-recorded audio/video, PowerPoint/Keynote, static graphic assets and external web pages are blended together through state of the art software encoding.