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Tivi’s unique video solution enables a whole new level of interactivity. Tivi is more exciting and engaging to watch. Features include the ability to incorporate full eCommerce at any point in the webcast. You can use Tivi’s built-in registration tools or 3rd party systems. With integrated social media and polling your viewers can communicate how they want to. These innovative features move customers beyond a sit and watch to a truly engaging experience.

Add eCommerce at any point in a webcast.

Imagine being able to stream a webcast while taking orders for your product or service at the same time. On top of this, your viewers never have to leave the webcast! The best part is this can be done both live and on-demand. Go ahead. Create URL based landing pages that connect directly to your eCommerce website. Sell products. Generate qualified leads. The best part is you'll be receiving all of the website hits because they are looking at your live website!

Pinpoint your audience with powerful analytics

Tivi's robust permissions system allows for a variety of user sign-in options. From email capture, to unique logins to single or multiple use tokens, Tivi analytics enable organizations to manage audience participation and gather exactly what viewer information is needed. Tivi's analytics will track all interactions.

Interactive polling both live and on-demand.

All webcasts can make use of Tivi’s polling and interactive Q&A features. Polls can be created and edited ahead of time or even on the fly. Tivi lets your viewers answer real-time questions regardless of if they are watching live or not. Because of this shared poll results always stay current. With Tivi, your webcast will always have the feel of being live even if it's being viewed on-demand.

Integrate Twitter feeds.

Push the conversation to not only your viewing audience but beyond the borders of your webcast with Tivi's integrated Twitter. With Tivi your live and on-demand webcasts become more than just video. They become another true interactive tool in your social media arsenal that will further the conversation and drive audiences to your brand.

Pushed URLs enable customers to get their own brand, not just Tivi’s.

Demonstrations are easier when your audience can interact with your live website. Tivi's pushed URLs look like your real website because they are your real website! Want viewers to fill out paperwork, view references, or additional content? With Tivi send your viewers straight there while they are still watching your webcast.

Raise your engagement to the next level.

With Tivi you can better capture your audience's imagination. When they can interact with both the other viewers and the presenter during an event engagement levels sky rocket. With Tivi there are no more boring sit-and-watch webcasts. Step into the future of webcasting with Tivi